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Aesthetician, France Laure


Electrolysis, France Laure


Microblading, Jb beauté
Microshading, Jb beauté


Full Permanent Makeup, Académie EB
Stroke Pattern, The Beauty Station


Powder Pixel Brows, Académie EB
Glossy Lips, Académie EB


Colorimetry and Morphology, Académie EB
Correction & Ethnic Skins, Académie EB
Dark Lips, Académie EB
Everything About Lips, Agnes
Dark Lips, Tess
W-brows, Hyper Realistic Eyebrows, Nataliya


Feather Brows, Studio Nuline
Master Hands, Nataliya
In-depth Skin Theory, XTRACT®, Nataliya

Learning Curriculum

I started my journey in the aesthetics industry in 2009 by graduating as an aesthetician. At first, I became slightly discouraged due to the high level of competition. As a result, I adapted my small aesthetics business to part-time to simultaneously become a flight attendant for a few years. I also spent time in college in various management courses where one of my professors completely changed my outlook. He told me “No matter what product you work with, if you have more knowledge and determination than anyone else, you will succeed in your field no matter what “.

In 2017, I decided to specialize and immerse myself in permanent and semi-permanent makeup. I took several additional training courses to significantly improve my skills.

After many months, to say years, dedicated to practicing, researching and continually educating myself, I am now a full time technician/entrepreneur specializing in permanent and semi-permanent makeup.

The customer experience

The customer experience is important to me! I am the type of technician who receives clients as I would like to be received; with patience, attention to detail and ensuring that each client is completely satisfied with their final result. The majority of my new clients are referred by existing clients, reflecting the quality of the work I do and the results I achieve.

+ 14 years of experience

Active aesthetician since 2009, specialized with 12 enhancements in micropigmentation since 2017. Experience and knowledge in the field will make a difference.

+ 1000 pigmentations done

By taking care that each client is satisfied and having delivered a result that meets their expectations.

Listening to your needs

The team structure is set up to meet all your needs!