Online training

Open to already certified technicians!

Go from technician to professional

The online theory training was created and designed to maximize the return on the initial training and the time spent with the instructor so that the participants come out of their training with a lot more experience and practice and are more confident with their clients afterwards.

Our mission

Offer quality training in micropigmentation combining knowledge, practice and confidence in order to meet the expectations of today's industry.

In-depth theory on micropigmentation

Mandatory online training before the initial training


(regular price: $750+tx)

Content of the training

  • In-depth theory on hygiene and safety; cleaning, sanitizing, disinfecting and sterilizing, Asepsis technique, cross contamination, use of cutting tools, etc.
  • In-depth theory on skin; skin types, skin conditions, skin textures, factors influencing the skin textures, aging process, factors to adapt in practice, etc.
  • In-depth theory on contraindications; clear explanation of each element of your consent, infectious diseases, dermatological problems, etc.
  • In-depth theory on scars and scarring; factors affecting scarring, different scars, how to work on a scar, aftercare, client's healing experience, etc.
  • In-depth theory of colorimetry; how to determine our color, pigment undertones, skin undertones, color saturation, etc.
  • In-depth pigment theory; how to read pigments with CI codes, pigment types, pigment history, etc.
  • Color correction; when to correct a color, when to do nothing and when to remove, how to correct an old pigmentation, etc.
  • In-depth theory on ethnic skins; how to work on ethnic skin for eyebrows, eyes and lips, what color to choose, after treatments to plan, etc.
  • In-depth theory on the morphology of eyebrows, eyes and lips; how to take measurements, different face shapes, etc.
  • In-depth theory on machines and needles.
  • Ergonomics; technician positioning; your options, sitting and standing, exercises to avoid hurting your back or hands, etc.
  • In-depth theory on marketing; what is the best way to market, how to acquire more clients, what value to put in your service, in the eyes of our clients, etc.
  • And much more!
18 to 28 hours

of study depending on previous experience. Following your registration, you have 6 months to complete the training.

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