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If taking medication, including antibiotiques, please inform the technician of these to prevent contraindications. Otherwise your appointment may be rescheduled and you will lose your deposit.

​Avoid two weeks before and after your procedure (at least on and near the area to be pigmented) facial treatments that activate cell regeneration such as peeling, exfoliation, microneedling, microdermabrasion, Retin-A, glycolic acid & AHA, etc. As well as injections and botox.

​Drink plenty of water 2 days before pigmentation.

​Avoid alcohol, drugs or caffeine 24 hours before the procedure which will reduce the risk of bleeding, swelling and thinning of the blood in the pigmented area during the procedure. This has a direct effect on retention.

​Avoid Omega-3 and Vitamin D supplements 4 days before the procedure. Vitamin D included in multivitamins is accepted because the dose is much smaller. A large dose of these will increase bleeding during the procedure and directly affect retention.

​Consider that you will have to avoid sun for 7 days following the treatment.You will also have to avoid swimming and intense sweating 10 days following the procedure.

Specific to the eyebrows:

​You can use a facial scrub on the future pigmented region 3-4 days before your pigmentation, but not 24 hours before treatment.

​Specific to the lips:

For anyone with oral herpes (cold sore), it is your responsibility to obtain Valtrex before the operation. Start the dosage of 2 tablets the day before the treatment day and 2 tablets per day for the 3 days following the procedure.

Make sure your lips are well hydrated. Drink plenty of water 2 days before the procedure and exfoliate with sugar mixed with almond oil, moisturize your lips afterwards. Repeat several times 7-10 days before the procedure, the pigment retention will be better.

​Bring your favorite lipstick or gloss.

Specific to the eyes:

​For anyone wearing contact lenses, please wear glasses, 7-10 days after surgery.

If you wear contact lenses, please wear glasses for your appointment.

​If this is your case, make sure that the last eyelash extension appointment is at least 3 weeks before and after the pigmetation.

​If you have symptoms of eye irritation on the day of the service or if your eyelids are swollen and red with any irritant, you will need to postpone the appointment.

If you are using any type of lash growth serum, please stop using it 7-14 prior your appointment to reduce extra blood flow and extra pain it may cause during the procedure.


At your arrival please text the number you received the confirmation of your appointment 24hrs and wait in your car until I signal you to enter.

Cash payment and interactive transfer remain the only means of payment and taxes are charge.