Customized enhancement training

Why develop your skills?

  • Most initial micropigmentation courses do not cover all the material that a technician needs and do not offer the technical support necessary to be comfortable in their practice.
  • The permanent makeup industry is growing by leaps and bounds.
  • Modern medicine is more advanced and responsive than it was 20 years ago.
  • Customer expectations are becoming more and more challenging.
  • Educating ourselves to be up to date in our expertise is now essential to our practice!

Create your own customized enhancement model based on your needs

Eyebrow Enhancement

Eye Enhancement

Lip Enhancement

Training manual and follow-up

2 supervised models

Enhancement of the eyebrow, eye or lip area

Prerequisite: Initial training in eyebrow, eye or lip pigmentation

$1 250+tx

Ideal for

  • In-depth theory of the skin
  • Pigment ingestion process
  • Problem skin types
  • How to work on the most difficult skin types
  • Possible reactions during treatment and how to approach them
  • In-depth theory on pigments
  • The effect of pigment types on our techniques
  • The different movements and when to apply them
  • The right positioning and the right pressure
  • Pigment migration and how to avoid it
  • How to predict cured results
  • Implantations
  • The connections
  • The needles
  • Types of machines
  • The intensities
  • How to practice well
  • 3 different effects of Stroke Patterns, Powder Effect or Lip Effect
  • Supervised and advanced practice on practice skin
  • And much more!
1 day of 7 hours

2 hours of theory, 4 hours of practice on paper and practice skin

Eyebrow area

$1250+tx (7h)
Prerequisite: Initial course in eyebrow micropigmentation

Eye area

$1250+tx (7h)
Prerequisite: Initial course in eye micropigmentation

Lip area

$1250+tx (7h)
Prerequisite: Initial course in lip micropigmentation

2 supervised models

Prerequisite: Training in permanent and semi-permanent makeup microblading, in-depth theory and practice.

$1 250+tx

Remove your insecurities from your conscience by doing 2 models with your instructor.

You will receive a guide to prepare yourself including mapping techniques, hygiene measures that will be applied, pigments and colors preferred by your instructor in order to fully benefit from the observations and conclusions.

1 day of 7 hours

(including lunch)

Generate an annual income of up to $ 180,000!

By charging $ 400 to $ 600 per new pigmentation (not including tips), you can generate an annual income ranging from $ 40,000 to $ 180,000 depending on our number of clients per week. Here is a brief overview of your potential income:
2 clients / week

$40 000 – $60 000
10 hours of work / week

4 clients / week

$80 000 – $120 000
20 working hours / week

6 clients / week

$120 000 – $180 000
30 working hours / week